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Monday, September 26, 2005

Today, a Technology Victim

It's happened to everyone who owns a computer; your wonderful device decides to stab you in the back over and over again. Yet, until this point my compy has been absolutely wonderful in performance. I haven't had any real problems albeit the occasional popup. I even surprisingly never seem to get any viruses or lagging in the system. But yesterday, it all took a turn for the worst.

I was setting up our new internet connection, which required us to run the entire thing through one cable outlet, into a modem, further into a wireless router, and then to each computer. So I went out and got a Linksys router: a brand which I know works from experience. I then followed all the steps in setting up the entire system.

I first ran the Insight Broadband CD, which required a couple calls to tech service, at which point they gave me an IP that no one else was actually using. I don't even know how that happens in the first place. Finally I got through with that first CD, which wasn't too bad.

Next came the modem CD. This thing was given to us by Insight, and I don't even think it has a brand name or anything, much like that digital box they put on our TV in the living room. I popped the CD in my compy, and the first thing it told me to do is plug the USB connection into my computer. Then it said that a new menu would just pop up. It never did; why would it? Why would anything work like they say? So I tried searching around for a couple hours but couldn't fix it.

Eventually, I gave up on that one and decided to move on to the Linksys CD, the last one. This was the best, best meaning the worst, and worst meaning worst thing ever. I put it in compy and followed the directions for a while until it started asking me info about my IP and stuff. I ran DOS and figured out numbers I know weren't right, but continued nonetheless. I just figured an error message would pop up and that would be it. But no... It then asked me to set up the wireless options, like the name and password and stuff. I did that, and set our channel number to 9, whatever that means.

At that point the entire universe collapsed upon itself. I have no idea how, but my screen turned blue and gave me an error message. I restarted compy but the blue only came back. I then restarted it again, but this time in "safe mode" by hitting F8. Actually, it prompted me to use safe mode, which you know is a major problem when you've hit that point. I used system restore to bring my computer back to Sunday morning settings, but it gave me the big blue finger again. I think restarted it AGAIN, opened it in safe mode, and brought it back to Saturday. And as you guessed, F*$&ED again!

At that point I just unplugged the Linksys and restarted compy, at which point everything worked just smoothly. Now you know, when the universe explodes, I'll have plugged it back in and tried again. I guess I'll be spending a lot of time with tech service this week. Oh well.


Blogger Annie said...

Note to self: always have Nick install anything for me...because I have no idea what the fuck anything you just said means.

But I'm sorry about your compy...after all, you are the only tech service I have, and if you don't know what you're doing, then I'm completely screwed. Everything will turn out alright.

3:16 PM  

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