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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Today, a Karma Trader

It's really what I was meant to do: Karma Trading that is. The basic principal is that I exchane good deeds. Recieve fortunate events, and in return cause some. In other words, try to be a nice guy.

Yesterday, Carl found a cell phone on our balcony. Probably the last thing I would have expected. So we waited for the person to call, but it never happened. I figured that it must have belonged to one of the girls' upstairs, seeing as there really isn't another logical explaination. Finally today, after getting about 5 phone calls from various people who each sounded less intelligent than the last, the owner showed up. Well, he didn't as much show up as I had to walk a half block in the rain and bring it to him because he couldn't figure out how to find West. He actually asked me if the apartment was at the corner of Green and John (two East-West streets).

I kind of owed it to the world though. Last night I got an early copy of the new Final Fantasy movie, Advent Children. Let me give you all the brief, brief explaination of this movie. If you have never played Final Fantasy or watched anime, don't go anywhere near it. If you have played a Final Fantasy game and have some interest in anime or awesome computer graphics, you might like it. If you have played Final Fantasy VII, arguably the greatest game of all time, then go see this movie as quickly as possible. Albeit, it was a bit short, one has to understand that those graphics do not come about easily. Also, the plot is impossible to follow and holds no meaning what-so-ever if you haven't played FFVII before.

The FFVII script is actually a wonderful story. It would make a fantastic book. The main character, Cloud, struggles to learn the truth about his past while trying to secure the future of the planet. The twists are absolutely amazing. There's love, loss and a lot of kick-ass fighting. If you ever have a chance to read it, pick up the script. Actually... Hold on a sec...

(Searching online for the script...)


Well, that's about the best I could find. It deserves all the credit of all who have played it.


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