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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Today, a Heavy Sleeper

Anyone who knows me also knows that nothing could wake me from much needed sleep, save the occasional apocalypse. In my defense, however, I am able to tell myself as I go to bed whether or not I want to wake up easily the next morning. Don't ask me how; it just goes with the territory.

Now, I'm sure that you've already assumed that this story was told to me by others, specifically my roommates. Last night some time around 3:00 the power went out around the apartment, including the wonderful Bromley Hall. Next door to us is this building that appeared to be a residence hall for handicap student. (Cripple Shack for all you people-lovin people) Right outside this building is a giant green box, that looks like some kind of transformer (not the robots, stupid). Anyways, according to my roomies, this thing kicked in when the power went out. They said it was like an enormous chainsaw, or something to that degree. It was their backup generator, and was located very near to their windows, mind you. They all woke up and started walking around; none could sleep.

Carl said that when he walked into the living room, he saw someone holding a flashlight and thought it was a robber or such. (It was Simon.) Ian said that he actually wanted to throw a cripple into a ditch for revenge. And according to them, they went outside to investigate the source of the problem, finding an electric crew working a half block away. They weren't too happy to hear that I didn't so much as roll over during this whole encounter.

On a wholly different note, Simon's parents came here last weekend for a surprise we-think-our-son-is-an-alcoholic visit. They also bought us a lot of food, which was very nice of them. It was nice, except they didn't bother to open the freezer and see that it was already full. All the extra food that got stuffed in there blocked one of the vents and caused the entire thing to shut down over the course of a couple days. I called the U-Group maintenance guys and asked them to come and check it out. They brought us a whole new fridge! Granted, it's about half the size of the old one, it's BRAND NEW and slick as hell. We're waiting to see if the old one kicks back in. Even if it does, we're not letting those plumbers steal our new fridge. I'll buy it if I have to.


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