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Monday, September 19, 2005

Today, Competant

Once again, unless I personally am in charge of everything, nothing goes right. Today, like most days, it was dinner that went wrong. I shouldn't really complain; nothing that bad happened. It was just a series of small pet peeves that got me angry.

First off, I was talking with Simon about dinner plans. I suggested hot dogs, and he suggested brats. We had some queer number, like 5, brats, so that was out. I figured that we could make a packet of 8 hotdogs, which I knew we had. When dinner time came about, I put a pot on the stove with the built-in strainer and boiled water in it. I put just enough water in it so I could use the bun steamer without soaking them. Of course, when I get back to the kitchen, I find the hot dogs boiling on the stove with the strainer in the sink. God forbid something be more convenient than otherwise. It's like these people are afraid of what they don't understand, however simple it may be.

I then proceeded to turn off the stove, as the best way to boil hot dogs is to boil the water, put them in, then turn off the heat. Eventually they were done; I took two buns and prepared to steam them since they were incredibly stale. I drained a ton of water, but the level was screwed up since the strainer was out. As I'm sure you've guessed, my hot dog buns got soaked, ruining the whole experience. I happen to take food very seriously.

To top off the experience, the milk was more curdled than cottage cheese, which is disgusting in itself. I have to do laundry tonight and a bunch of homework. I'm tired, and therefore incredibly cranky. I miss Annie, which is pathetic seeing as it's Monday. Not to mention, her friends are SO much better than mine. It's easier for girls to become friends with guys than vice versa. Chicks always think you're hitting on them unless you somehow describe your girlfriend who you've been with for a very long time and love very much. Today sucks.

Addendum: When someone says "let's have hot dogs and chips for dinner", but there are no communal chips, and he just brings his own to the table, that pisses me off.


Blogger Annie said...

I miss you too...and I'm glad I get to see how "competent" your roommates are this weekend haha.

12:47 PM  
Blogger George said...

Nick, you're so precious.

6:59 PM  
Blogger HKNorla said...

well thanks george, but my preciousness doesn't put the food in the belly

9:37 PM  

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