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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Today, a Barber

For those of you (if any) who already know what I'm talking about, yes, yes I did.

It's been suggested to my balding self for quite some time, and I can't argue with the pros. It would be much easier, cheaper and possibly better looking. So, today, it was done. I shaved my hair off.

Now, before I go on, there are 3 main problems with that last sentence.
1- Carl was the one who did the actual shaving. The other 2 stood by and watched.
2- I didn't actually shave my head, just buzzed very short.
3- I ended the sentence in a preposition, and that's just plain old wrong.

Yeah, it's short, and my neck itches a lot. But overall I like it. I especially like the feel of short, spikey hair rather than that long shit. It's especially strange too as I'm already balding.

I really should post the pictures on this blog, but none of us has a camera. Hmm.... They'll be on the next one tomorrow.

Before I go, why were there 5000 old guys walking around campus handing out little green new testements? That was just odd, running into them every 6 feet on Wright St.

Ciao, world.


Blogger Annie said...

I'm crying. I can't believe you did it! I can't like even imagine you with no hair! But I mean if you like it that's all that matters...

And we have those guys on campus too sometimes. I never wanna take one of their Bibles but I feel bad saying no and even worse throwing them away...so they usually end up sitting in the bottom of a drawer or something.

Talk to you later, my hairless friend.

7:33 AM  

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