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Friday, August 26, 2005

Today, Screwed

Although I realize that this is my first post in almost a year, and that I officially quit, I feel this story to be one of the utmost hilarity. Actually, it's not as much hilarious as it is sad.

It started about 2 years ago when I got a pamphlet from the university outlining my required courses for the next four years. It basically stated that I would need to take an average of 16 credits per semester to graduate in 4 years and that I would be currently (3rd semester) enrolled in ECE 210 (that's engineering).

As it turns out, I got an email from a professor over summer saying I couldn't take that class because I didn't have one of the prerequisites, which was Math 385 (Differential Equations). Ok, fine, I figured, I'll just switch my engineering class with that one.

But wait! I cannot! Going back in time again... (Please try to follow along.)

At the end of last semester I realized that I needed to hand this sheet to my advisor outlining my classes for the next one. I went to his office maybe 10 times before I got an email stating that he had retired. Alright, alright, there are 2 weeks left, I'll be fine. The jackass went on vacation for a week...

When he finally got back I tried to set up a meeting with him, but with finals and all that hecticity it was too late, the semester was over. Then, they had the audacity to put a hold on all my classes which could not be removed until I had him sign the paper. Even then, it would not be removed until August 31st.

So I was sitting here the other day trying to figure out what to do. I thought that I'd take 385 instead. I finally got a meeting with this guy. Of course it's on the opposite end of campus. Of course he's 30 minutes late. OF COURSE he sits on the phone for 15 minutes before talking to me. AND OF COURSE HE TELLS ME THE SCHEDULE I FIGURED OUT WAS FINE!!!

Math 242 (Calculus 3)
Math 385 (Differential Equations)
CS 225 (Data Structures)
SOC 100 (Intro to Sociology)

Well, I went to each class on the first day, and the guys told me that 242 was a prerequisite of 385. I went back to my room and sure enough, that asshole lied to me. It turns out that the basic order of classes I needed to take goes as such.

Math 220
Math 230
Math 242
Math 385
ECE 210

The course guideline they gave me said I should be taking ECE 210 third semester...

So now, I sit here, as frustrated as ever. I found out that I can take 385 and 210 concurrently, so I'll do that next semester. As for my classes now, I've only got 11 credit hours... I need to take another class. I could either take Physics or another Math. In fact, I think Math 213 is a prerequisite of CS 225...

The advising department has given me the screwing of a lifetime. If they are trying to prove that they own my ass as long as I attend this school, then they win. I give up. I don't need advice though. I just need to see ONE GOD-D@%#ED FLOWCHART THAT IS ACTUALLY TRUE!!!

I hate everyone.


Blogger George said...

Aww, Nick, you can go on hating everybody... but everybody will still go on loving you. Or your (justified) moody-angriness, for that matter.

You are cool.

11:40 PM  
Blogger HKNorla said...

Thank you Georgia. You brightened up my day with the first comment of the new blog year.

2:23 AM  

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