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Monday, November 01, 2004

Today, an Athlete

I realize that picturing me as an athlete is a difficult task, but try your best. Tonight was my first game in the UofI intramural volleyball recreational sporting event spectacular. Really it was just the first of a series of four to six games pitting my dorm against other groups across campus. I think the others are dorms, too, but it's really hard to tell. One team consisted of mostly Asians, so I think it was the campus ninjas, or such.

Today we played eight extremely short people, which is good because tall people intimidate me. We ended up annihilating them in a best of three series with games to 25. The best part, however, was that since there were only three guys on the team, Paul, Chris Ra and myself, I got to play the entire time. This was good because I just happen to be a pretty good server, and not just the nerdy CS kind. However, it was bad because I haven't yet mastered the art of setting, or even grasped the concept. It's quite funny watching me fail, if I say so myself. The pinnacle of the night (the game started at 10:15) was when a little nerdy guy came by and told me that I couldn't wear my chain on the court. Obviously the Lord is not welcome in the house of volleyball. I feel bad for JC; all he ever wanted to do was school them on the court.

On the plus side, I think next week's game is against the campus hobos...hoboes...so many homeless people trying to get by, playing their volleyball. That shouldn't be any tougher than this week's game. Maybe they'll let JC back in so he can kick ass and take names. You know he would if he was still alive.